Spruce Up Your Room Decor On A Budget

We all know how much I love clothes and fashion… But another thing I’m hugely into is home décor. I’m forever scrolling through Pinterest posts of Urban Outfitters bedrooms and minimalistic office spaces – I’d love to spend loads of money on art and plants but because I’m a little skint (and always buying clothes) I’ve been trying to create my own ways of making my bedroom look adorable but for a much more affordable price.

I’ma take you through some bits I’ve done in my room recently – let me know if you do any of these to create a more cutesy living space!

First – this jewellery holder. I spent £1 on this at Primark and although it’s not the most fashionable looking hanger… it does the job so well! Without this I’d lose all of my necklaces for sure.

Jewellery Holder

On a similar sort of theme – these hangers (I nabbed mine off my parents) are awesome for hanging sunglasses. I hold my hands up… I did steal this idea from Pinterest – but these ideas are for sharing, right? Just tap a little nail into the wall and you’re sorted.


More nails involved I know – but I hang all of my favourite clothes ALL over my room. Reason one being I haven’t got enough space in my wardrobe, and reason two being it looks kinda glam. My favourite pieces that I never wear get like… showcased.


Now… something a little arty. I love art and I wish I could buy expensive artworks and hang them up on all of my walls – but no. I make my own! I create loads of collages out of old magazines for inspiration boards – tuning into my inner 5 year old self.

Yes. Cutting and sticking. So much nostalgia.

You can buy plain boards from Hobbycraft for about £3/4 and the magazine I guess costs money… but not as much as an Andy Warhol painting. These inspo boards are perfect for fashion lovers who need some outfit help in the morning!


Another fun load of ideas for the wall – bunting and ribbon. Bunting is cute and needs little persuasion – so, enough said. A quirky thing I also have in my room is a piece of ribbon across one wall with some of my favourite photos and magazine cut-outs pegged onto. It adds a bit more creativity than just sticking photos to the wall (+ less blu tack damage).


I’m staying on a similar theme with this – across the top of one of my walls I have a line of Vogue Catwalk cut-outs. I don’t want to clutter my walls with posters like we all did when we were 13 but this looks super minimalistic and adds a bit of colour to my room – as well as more fashion inspiration.


Last but not least… Plants! I love a good bit of greenery in my room but I’m not too great at looking after them and usually go for fake ones. However, I’ve recently caught onto the cactus trend and got myself some little baby cacti – they require like no maintenance and look fab in the background of other blog posts! Plus they’re super duper cute.


Hope you like my lil ideas! Let me know if you already do some of these (some of them aren’t particularly new and special) and if you spruce up your room in any other ways I’d love to know!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

R x

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  1. 20th July 2015 / 11:59 pm

    I love these ideas! They save so much space and look cute :)x

    • robynlouise27
      21st July 2015 / 9:18 am

      Thanks! I love trying to create ideas like this – I have so much stuff that needs organising all the time!

      R xx

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