The Do’s And Don’ts Of Leg Shaving

A few weeks ago on Twitter I had a little cry for help surrounding my leg shaving routine. I’d been getting a stinging sensation after shaving for a while and I always had little cuts and snags all over my legs, which were SO painful. Luckily I had a billion replies with a load of different tips and tricks, and I’ve been trying a few of them out (sorry to whoever said I should try rubbing alcohol after shaving, what the hell?!?!?).

Anyway, turns out my leg shaving routine was totally wrong and I haven’t had a bad shave day since. I thought I’d give you all a post on my do’s and don’ts of leg shaving, including my leg shaving routine in a little video!

DO exfoliate the sh*t out of your legs. Doing this will get rid of the top layer of your skin so your razor hits your leg on a totally clean palette. I use a loofah (fave word ever) or a normal body scrub.

DON’T exfoliate after shaving. BAD IDEA.

DON’T rush shaving your legs. If you can imagine your razor going along your leg really quickly you can imagine how easy it is to pull your leg hairs instead of shaving the hairs. Slower movements are way better!

DO use a good shaving cream. I’ve tried out the Cationic Shave Cream by Friction Free Shaving and it claims to make your hairs stand on end so you can get a super smooth shave. It feels quite moisturising so it doesn’t feel rough when you shave either!


DON’T shave while you have goosebumps. OW. Shave in warm water only girls.

DON’T try and shave too often. Longer hairs are way easier to shave and you’ll get less snagging (plus they’ll start growing back slower!).

DO change your blades regularly. At Friction Free Shaving you can sign up to a subscription to have new blades sent to your door every month – and you can choose different price packages and also skip a month if you get too many blades. I change my blades once every week or so because you can get so much bacteria in those blades, as well as the fact that blunt blades can give you that burning sensation that I really want to try and get rid of…

DO use a razor with more than 4 blades. Basically, the closer the gap between blades the less snagging you’ll get.


DON’T shave straight away in the shower! I leave my leg shaving until the end of my shower because it means my legs have warmed up and so the pores in my skin have opened up a bit. I’m no scientist so who knows if this is really a thing, but it works for me!

DO use a good moisturiser after shaving. I go for the classic E45 moisturiser because I find it quite cheap and easy. Some people don’t see the point in moisturising, but if you’re exfoliating before your shave then that can be quite drying on the skin post-shave. Apparently baby oil and coconut oil work too according to my Twitter followers!




So they’re my top tips and do’s and don’ts for leg shaving. Before I was never exfoliating, using crappy soap and I’d never moisturise. I think I’m guilty of being one of those lazy girls who just rushes around and wants hairless legs as soon as possible. After trying out all of these new tricks I definitely think the most important things to consider are changing your razor blades regularly (yep used to do mine like 4 times a year or something) and definitely use a good shaving foam/cream!

Want some more? I’ve made a 1 minute video of my shaving routine on my Youtube Channel which you can watch below. Enjoy!


R x


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** This is a sponsored post with Friction Free Shaving but all ideas, content and opinions are my own **


  1. 23rd November 2016 / 3:50 pm

    Great tips – I always used to get cuts and shaving rash after shaving my legs. But after lots of googling, and subscribing to FFS, I’ve finally solved it! Also, the tip about saving shaving till last is definitely true – even my mum told me that one! Haha. x

    • 25th November 2016 / 7:02 pm

      Me too, the thing I suffered with most was stinging legs!! And yeah it really works doesn’t it, can’t believe I never thought of it haha!

      R xoxo

  2. 29th November 2016 / 2:13 pm

    I LOVE this post Robyn. Some really useful tips here!

    I happen to do a lot of the don’ts…. OPPS

    I will have to try out FFS too 🙂 They sound really good, and great value!

    • 29th November 2016 / 2:34 pm

      Sort it out Kay 😉 glad you found it useful!

      R xoxo

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