That HUGE Faux Fur Coat…

…for when you just need a cuddle when you leave the house.

Because let’s face it, January is lasting forever and every time I step out of the house at 7.30am it’s freezing cold and usually p*ssing it down with rain. I’m also still one of those non-drivers so the long wait at the bus stop usually involves me shivering and wondering why the hell I don’t have an alarm on my phone to remind me to pick up my damn gloves. So, a faux fur coat is as close as I’ll get to basically being a teddy bear.

This one from Lily Lulu fashion is serious goals, whilst also being a little different from all the other ones I own. I love the lilac/purple/grey/I-don’t-really-know-what-colour-it-is vibe to it too. I popped up a photo on my Insta the other day and you all LOVED it so I thought I’d style it for how I’d generally wear it day-to-day with some other new gear in the POR wardrobe.

Faux fur will never go out of style but other trends that are sticking around are faux leather and the mustard trend. I’m especially obsessed with mustard because the colour goes so well with my hair and the brunette to blonde ends, and of course it looks insane in the Autumn with the leaves (please can it fast forward to then?).

Anywho, in 2017 and now 2018 we LOVE leather and we LOVE mustard everything, so recently I picked up this super soft mustard top in New Look and borrowed/stole from my friend this classic black faux leather skirt, also from New Look. I usually pair the two for a simple work outfit with a blazer over the top and some court shoes but by adding a pair of ankle boots and the faux fur coat it instantly makes it more weekend or casual daytime.

And yes, the jacket is the cosiest, warmest, softest and most adorable thing I now own.

I can’t even tell you how sassy this outfit makes me feel. To be honest guys I’ve had the worst week ever and I’m feeling SO stressed. I’m currently learning to drive with my theory test coming up, I’m having a filling in my tooth along with a tooth being pulled out and braces fitted within the space of a month, work is stressing me out… just in general I feel like I might explode. After taking these photos I had to go straight into the dentist and everyone looked at me as if I was mad in this giant faux fur coat and I was like YEP, IT’S ME. OWN IT GIRL.

I always get this huge revelation that fashion makes me feel so elated and ‘strong’ – I miss blogging and dressing up so much and really want to get back into a routine with it. Watch this space, even if it involves braced up geeky smiles LOL.

Jacket – c/o Lily Lulu Fashion

Top – New Look

Skirt – New Look

Bag – Debenhams (out of stock, similar here)

Shoes – Ravel @ Debenhams

What do you think of the outfit? And more importantly THE COAT? I’d love to know your opinions around dressing up and feeling more confident too – I’m always saying it but I’m such a believer in what you wear determines how you feel!

R x


* c/o shows items gifted to me for the purpose of the post but all styling and ramblings are my own! *


  1. Holly White
    28th January 2018 / 10:24 am

    That jacket is literally the most cuddly-looking thing I’ve ever seen – love it! xxx

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