Plaid Skirts & High Street Stripes

What a whirlwind week it’s been for me. I’ve had a baby tooth removed and braces put on, and in response to my dental stress I’ve consumed two twin packs of jaffa cakes and a dammmmn ton of ice cream. I might write a post about having braces at the age of 23 so let me know if you’d be interested! But let’s just say I’m feeling a little glum and achy at the mo.

What solves Robyn’s glum moments though? Uh new clothes. You know those Topshop ads that come up on Facebook and you think GO AWAY I CAN’T AFFORD ANY OF YOU RIGHT NOW!? Well, I had the jumper that I’m wearing in this post pop up on an ad and I fell in love with it. I didn’t buy it straight away but it was payday for me on Monday so on Sunday I headed straight into my local Outfit store and treated myself. (yes, I did buy it the day before knowing the payment wouldn’t come out of my account for a couple of days, lol).

The Topshop jumper is this GORGEY yellow and navy/black/can’t-tell striped number and I think I just loved the cropped-but-not-so-cropped-that-my-stomach-is-showing element to it. Winter hasn’t left us yet and I’m still in jumper wearing mode so the knitwear is still coming into my wardrobe, though March may be the month I hold fire.

When I was in the Outfit Topshop store I also ended up seeing a lush grey and yellow plaid skirt that would look soooo good with the jumper. Why does Topshop do this to me? Immediately I’m planning outfits, thinking what would look good at work & what shoes would be appropriate, then what I could wear the skirt with at the weekend (…a baggy black jumper and chunky black boots basically). My mind goes into overdrive and before you know it I’m at the counter making my bloody purchase.

I have a problem.

Seriously though, I love the jumper/skirt combo and even though you might think the plaid/check and stripes are a bit of a clash, I kinda like the mis-match vibe and I’m looking way more at the colour combinations…

… She says as she adds a totally colour clashing bag.

But how cute is the bag?! I had a voucher for ASOS and came across this Stradivarius shoulder bag. I think I need to dedicate a sentence in this blog post to how amazing Stradivarius is because not only are their prices always really good, the quality of their clothing/accessories is always amazing and their pieces are SO on-trend. This little bag was £15.99 and I wanted to wear it in this outfit to add to the stripe styling – you can never have too many!


Jumper – Topshop

Skirt – Topshop

Bag – Stradivarius @ ASOS

Shoes – Debenhams

Necklace – Topshop

What do we think of the look? Are you a fan of the clash and the prints or do you like to keep it plain? Let me know in the comments!

R x



  1. 23rd February 2018 / 8:57 am

    Absolutely gorgeous photos!! Love the skirt, I’m such a sucker for a Prince of Wales check at the moment. I hope your teeth start to feel better soon.


    Siobhan xxx

    • 23rd February 2018 / 12:38 pm

      Thanks so much!! Me too, I love all of those kinda prints, and this skirt is perfect to be honest as it’s not too OTT!

      R xoxo

    • 23rd February 2018 / 12:38 pm

      Thanks so much Lucy! So glad you like the combo x

      R xoxo

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