#MentalHealthAwarenessWeek 2018 – Behind Closed Doors As A Blogger

Talking about mental health is something that is SO important to me. Mental health in general affects so many people’s lives that it would be wrong not to talk about it, and I’m so glad that Mental Health Awareness Week exists for times like these so that we can all come together and help each other. I think at some point in our lives we’ve all encountered an issue with mental health, and I particularly struggle with anxiety as many of you know.

However, this Mental Health Awareness Week is a lot different to last year for me. I’m SO different. I’ve conquered many fears (flew on a plane, moved house, started learning to drive, say whaaaat) and do I see my anxiety ruling me every day like it used to? Okay, maybe not. However, it doesn’t mean that mental health isn’t around you in some form.

These days, behind closed doors I’m a normal 23 year old girl with a day job and a blog on the side. I’m really happy. I’m really healthy (mostly, but must cut down on bourbons). However, what the rest of the world sees is that I’m always happy, always wearing make-up, always dressed in nice outfits, always tanned (now that it’s summer!) with perfect skin and pretty much, well… nothing is going wrong, is it? The world on the internet perceive me as a happy human being with no imperfections and no issues in her home life, family life or physical, health or mental life.

Well, duhhhhh, of course that’s not the case.

However, even though I’m almost an advocate for not believing everything you see on the internet, I still feel myself falling into black holes of comparison and stress when I see other people on the internet. I’m constantly comparing, constantly wanting to be like someone else, or have what they have.

But what people don’t see with bloggers is that when we’re covering up our spots on our photos, we feel guilt that we’re doing it because we’re not sure if we should be promoting being comfortable in your own skin or just getting away with Photoshopping a spot or two. People don’t see the patchy tan, they only see what we’ve smoothed out on Facetune. People don’t see us awkwardly standing having our photo taken, or deleting 100 photos from our photo shoot because we stood at a stupid angle for far too long. Nobody sees the outtakes, or the fact we saw another blogger wearing the same dress and it looked 100x better on her.

And with all of the above comes stress, anxiety, more stress, and then feeling crap about yourself because you look like shit and all you want to do is throw all of your clothes away and move to Barbados. (But you can’t because you can’t afford it because another girl got the AD you wanted.)

But how come I know all of the above and STILL compare myself to others?

Unfortunately the ‘game’ of comparison is an ugly one, but actually it’s what makes us human. A thought to remember is that even those that are in the ‘limelight’ (word vomit) still look at others and wish they had certain things, whether it’s features, money, clothes, holidays, the lot. I think the lesson we need to take from comparison is that we don’t let it get into our head too much, and realise that what we have is amazing and what they have isn’t necessarily what you might think behind closed doors.


Top – New Look

Skirt – Next

Bag – Accessorize

Shoes – c/o Rocket Dog

Sunglasses – ASOS

A point I really wanted to make in this post was that even the people that you think have the fewest problems in the world, whether it be mental or physical, they struggle too. We’re all human, and nobody is superior or inferior.

If anyone needs a chat during Mental Health Awareness Week you know where I am!

R x


* c/o shows items gifted to me for the purpose of the post *


  1. 15th May 2018 / 8:41 am

    This was such a lovely read Robyn! It’s so important to remember that everybody is facing their own battles, no matter how much or little you may see of it!xx

    Lucy | http://www.lucy-cole.co.uk

    • 23rd May 2018 / 7:59 pm

      Thanks so much lovely! That means the world xx

      R xoxo

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