The LGD: The Little Green Dress

The LBD is always going to have a special place in my heart, but I’m making room for other ditsy style dresses this summer and so many gorgeous coloured pieces have been making their entrance on the high street recently. A few years ago you wouldn’t have seen me in anything that wasn’t black, or black with a pattern of colour on it, but now the high street have cottoned on to the idea that ‘colour’ doesn’t have to be really light-washed, bright and in-your-face, and I’m seeing a lot of darker coloured items which are perfect for colour-phobes like me!

A couple of weeks ago after a disaster afternoon (long story short I forgot my key, couldn’t get into my house and walked forever to town so I could sit in Costa and chill, then my phone died) I ended up treating myself to the beeeeeaut green dress that I’m wearing below. I think it was a Robyn-you’re-a-total-idiot-why-did-you-leave-your-key-at-work purchase, but I saw it in store and it was too pretty not to nab.

Enter the LGD, the little green dress.

The dress itself is from New Look and it’s literally the main piece at the front of most of the stores I’ve been into recently. It’s sold out online apart from one or two sizes, but whenever I keep checking it’s either sold out or has one size left – sorry guys, but I’ll keep checking for restocks! I loved the simple tea style of the dress, and the button up detail is obviously super on-trend for spring/summer 2018. I did the fatal ‘can’t be arsed to try it on’ but for a change I got it home, put it on and it fit perfectly in my usual size and uhhh it’s just a dream.

I’m thinking of so many ways I can wear this too – the look in this post is very casual summer with a cardigan in case of cool breezes, but when autumn comes I’m adding tights, boots and a leather jacket. I’d love to wear this as a skirt too and can imagine a black cropped jumper over the top would look lush! However, right now I just want to wear it on it’s own and show it off in all of it’s green glory, because who knew green would be my favourite colour at the moment?!

The rest of the outfit is keeping on a black theme because to be honest even though I’m ‘into fashion’ I basically just add black details to every outfit. This cardigan is from ASOS and it was a purchase I made at the beginning of spring – it definitely hasn’t disappointed and I’m so happy with the quality of it! Definitely a wardrobe essential, even throughout summer, and it goes just right as a cover-over with this dress.

The black strappy shoes are another New Look bargain – on a weekend shopping spree recently I was looking for a comfortable low block heeled sandal for work that I could pretty much add to any outfit – these are ideal and are currently in the sale! P.s. they come in pink too.

The bag is an oldie from ASOS – but the green tones went so well with the dress that I had to wear it! The pop of red in it too was a cute addition to the colours, don’t you think? Lastly, can you spot my earrings? They were a present from my mumma and dad who went to Cape Verde recently and they’re homemade silvery earrings with a marble effect on – aren’t they pretty!


Dress – New Look

Cardigan – ASOS

Shoes – New Look

Bag – ASOS

Earrings – Homemade! Present from Cape Verde

What do we think of the look? I’m absolutely loving green and now I’ve found some more top picks I really fancy another! Let me know your thoughts in the comments as always, would you go for green?

R x


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