Embracing Femininity: Floral Summer Skirts

“If you had to describe what your perfect outfit would be, what would you choose?”

“Jeans and a tee, obvs.”

Or is it?

DAMMMMN my style has changed. I guess nobody expects their style to stay the same over the years, but I’ve gone full circle back to 7 year old me in cutesy dresses and skirts with floral patterns and colour.

If you’ve been a firm Phases Of Robyn reader since the beginning you’ll know all I used to do was post ‘jeans and t-shirt’ outfits. They were my thing. I loved finding bargain jeans and comparing the fits, whilst basically buying a new tee every week and wearing it until I was bored of it. I went back through some of my fashion archives and apart from the fact my language is terrible and my photo quality is shocking, I noticed I was a total jeans and denim girl until I found some confidence in myself, my body and I guess my style. This post is probably a classic Robyn from 3 years ago, but behind the scenes I was so ill, tired and unhappy with my body.

Jeans are comfy, they’re easy to style and they last a long time if you buy the right ones – but I think I used to hide myself behind them because they made me look less skinny and less ill-looking. I had no confidence for colour, for girly items, for big patterns or for something that was a bit ‘out there’. It’s taken me a few years to really get into style and really find myself enjoying all clothing instead of parring off anything that wasn’t a shade of dark blue or burgundy.

I think blogging itself has probably had a lot to do with it. Over time I became so much more comfortable with having my photo taken, then I became more comfortable with sharing images on the internet, and as people started to like my outfits I became more confident, then I decided it was time to try something new. Over the last year, but this season in particular, I’ve found myself drawn to anything that is floaty, floral, colourful and just different – it’s opened up a whole new spectrum of fashion to me and allowed me to actually feel girly, which I never used to.

Whether or not you’re a girly girl dresser or a jeans and tee lover, I think it’s important to get that feminine side of you out and embrace the woman inside of you. I didn’t even think about it for years, but now I feel stronger in a way because I’m proud to be a woman and proud to be feminine, and my fashion almost allows me to express it. Of course that doesn’t mean wearing girly clothes makes you feminine, but the idea that you’re more confident to stretch out of that comfort zone which so many of us get stuck in.

Feminine outfit-wise I couldn’t wait to show you my lush new skirt from H&M! I was on the hunt for a midi skirt recently because my wardrobe is very culotte/crop-trouser heavy. I saw this beauty in Topshop but was persuaded that I could find something that was better value (thanks mum) and this H&M skirt was over £10 cheaper. Please no comments saying navy and black don’t go… they SO do!

The skirt would look lovely with white, red or black tops, but I thought I’d tuck in a new £8.99 New Look top for a bit of a boho, relaxed style. The bag is also a recent find from New Look, as are the shoes… Guess where I’ve been shopping!


Top – New Look

Skirt – H&M

Bag – New Look

Shoes – New Look (they come in loads of colours!)

Watch – Daniel Wellington

Earrings – Accessorize

What do you think of the outfit? I’d love to know your thoughts on dressing feminine and if you feel more feminine when you’re feeling more confident about yourself. Which you all should!

R x


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