Treat Your Feet With Marks & Spencer

What are your memories of summer? Mine are sun, beaches, food, reading books, attempting ‘beachy’ hair (what if I just put salt in it?) and of course, blisters and achy feet. Anyone else? I’m not heading on any holidays abroad this year, but later in the season I’m off for a city break so I can stop crying over the fact that my next big holiday isn’t until NEXT SEPTEMBER. I am going to Croatia though, so I can wait.

We’re thinking of going to a city up north, and recently we’ve done Oxford and Bath so anything a little further up sounds ideal, but a city break usually entails lots of food, lots of sightseeting and lots of walking, so you’ve got to be prepared with the right footwear that will avoid those blisters and achy feet.

Finding comfortable shoes for those ‘walking a lot’ holidays can be a bit of a mission, but the key is to look for shoes that don’t cover your prone-blister-areas, that have a good sole and that aren’t so flimsy that they’ll break after 1 day.

My problem areas are the back of my heel, so I always steer clear of any shoes with a back if I can. I also have relatively wide feet so something with a gap at the sides is ideal! In come the perfect comfort shoes from Marks & Spencer. I think it’s no secret that Marks & Spencer is the hub of comfortable shoes, and with such a selection to choose from there’s always going to be a pair that suit you.

These red shoes are just right for me and my feet. They strap around the leg so aren’t too harsh on the back of my heel, the strap is adjustable too so I can have them as loose or as tight as I need, they have a cross-over detail at the front which is g-r-e-a-t for my wide feet by having a gap at the side. Marks & Spencer shoes also come with Insolia soles which basically distribute weight over the sole, make you more stable and lower the pressure – I’ve been buying shoes with this in for a couple of years (my fave black mules!!) and it just seems to mean you can walk for hours without that irritating foot ache.

Oh yeah, and they look amazing too…

These shoes come in a few colours but a pop of red is ideal, isn’t it? Even though I was very tempted with the black. The gold detailing on the buckle goes perfectly with a gold nail (varnish is Nails Inc!) and style-wise you can pop on a black dress for the perfect city break outfit.

Make sure you check out Marks & Spencer for more inspiration and to shop their amazing shoe collection for your holidays! Here are some more faves of mine.

Onto the whole outfit, the dress itself is a bargain £19.50 strap dress, also from Marks & Spencer, and it’s got that stretchy-but-not-clingy material which is so easy to wear. The side-split gives a hint of raunchy but not so high that a gust of wind will show everyone your Bridget Jones’. I decided to cinch the dress in with a belt to give it a little more shape, but this wasn’t necessary to be honest and it looks lush without!

It would’ve been really easy to choose a black bag with this look, but I opted for more of a contrast. This shoulder bag is big enough for all your gubbins (fave word) but not so big that it’s going to ache your shoulders by carrying it around all day, which is what you want when you’re out in the sun all day! The bag comes in 4 other colours and if you wanted to go full on outfit-coordination then there’s a red one!


DRESS / BAG / SHOES / BELT – Full outfit by Marks & Spencer

What do you think of the look? Let me know your thoughts in the comments as always! Are you going on any holidays or city breaks this year?

R x


* This post is in collaboration with Marks & Spencer *


  1. 20th June 2018 / 7:59 pm

    Great post!
    I’m a visual merchandiser for marks and spencers, and I’ve used these sandals on a few of the mannequins but in the white version.
    They’re so trendy and lovely!
    Your outfit is gorgeous btw!

    Luke |Luke Heywood Style

    • 24th June 2018 / 4:21 pm

      Amazing!! The white version look lush too, to be honest it was hard to pick between them! Thanks so much!

      R xoxo

  2. 22nd June 2018 / 3:44 pm

    I love the sandals and I’m all about comfy, I always end up with sore feet when walking about so these sound ideal xx

    • 24th June 2018 / 4:22 pm

      I’m so bad when it comes to blisters and achy feet when I’m walking – these shoes are ideal! As are many other of the M&S ones!

      R xoxo

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