Why I’m Dressing For Comfort Before Anything Else

Does anyone else get caught in that this-looks-amazing-but-it-really-hurts-to-wear debacle? I think sometimes I get so involved in items I see online and want that I kinda try and ‘make it work’ when I try it on, even if it digs in all the wrong places. I went for a meal recently in some black jeans which I do love, but they cut in at the wrong place in my stomach and I pretty much couldn’t breathe all night. What’s the point in going through all the pain?!

I need to start dressing for comfort.

So many items these days are more of a fashion statement rather than actually serving a purpose to clothe us and cover up our private areas (I’ve never spoken so proper). Big heels aren’t comfortable, tight trousers make us not able to breathe and pencil skirts mean we have to waddle everywhere. To be honest, when did fashion become such an effort?

I’m determined to keep comfort in mind a little more when selecting clothes and trying them on. Plus, I need to not buy them if they don’t work 100% – I waste so much money doing this! I’m also guilty of buying things that are too small because I don’t want to get the next size up!

And in comes comfortable AND stylish with the most gorgeous dress from Fashion World. It’s ideal for summer, sits nicely on the body and let’s just say if I wanted to burst into jazz then I wouldn’t be constrained at all.

Recently I passed my driving test and I can’t cope when I’m wearing restricting clothing!

Along with being super wearable, I love the monochrome stripes on the dress to keep it on trend and the frilled sleeves are adorable. I am thinking ahead to A/W so I think I’d stick a white tee under the dress and wear with boots and a black blazer. There are also so many other lovely dresses on the Fashion World website, and this dress itself goes up to a size 26. If colour is more your thing, I love this dress!

Styling wise you know I love black accessories. This black bag is heaven for those girls like me who carry the kitchen sink to work with them everyday. It does come with a long strap, but I prefer a tote style and how cute is the metal handle?!

In-keeping with a circular ring vibe I had to have these black mules. I now have about 6 pairs of black mules but I keep finding ones that are a littttle different each time. You can’t beat a low heel either – so easy to wear and obviously keeps on that comfortable theme.


Outfit c/o Fashion World – Dress / Bag / Shoes

What do you think of the outfit?! Are you a comfort dresser or more of a statement dresser? Be sure to check out Fashion World for all the best dresses of the season, they host so many different brands on their website (my dress is Oasis!). Let me know in the comments what you think!

R x

P.s. check out my new outfit post on the Total Guide to Swindon website! There’s a freshers fashion article on there for anyone starting university or college soon!


*In collaboration with Fashion World. All views are my own*


  1. Holly White
    22nd August 2018 / 8:28 am

    Dressing for comfort is always the way – I waste so much money too!! Ps, congrats on passing your driving test! Xx

    • 23rd August 2018 / 5:49 pm

      Aw babe thank you! Certainly the way to go!

      R xoxo

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