Cream & Camel Tones

Anyone else realised the sudden influx in everyone wearing white, cream, camel and beige tones?!

I am loving this new trend, if that’s what it is, and as I led in bed during the entirety of London Fashion Week with gastritis and saw photos of the street style and videos from the catwalks, I noticed a lot of new season fashion involved simple, calm tones with pops of colour.

I’ve always been a neutral girl, but outfits that don’t consist of black???… HOW??? This created a challenge I definitely wanted to take on, and with a few recent buys of mine I realised it wasn’t all that tricky (and it didn’t have to involve scary white trousers).

First let me introduce you to my favourite new jeans. I’m one of those girls who has a stressful relationship with denim… I’ve been through the journey with ASOS Farleigh jeans, and with basically all Topshop jeans, and with Miss Selfridge Sofia jeans, and in my wardrobe I recently found I didn’t have a single pair of comfortable everyday wear jeans. A month or two ago I popped up a cry for help on Twitter and many of you came back with New Look jeans. I was a little anti because once I had a denim jacket from there with a *denim smell* (please can someone tell me they know this smell?!) and it totally put me off. I did buy that jacket about 5 years ago… so I thought I’d go in store, try some on and also perform the smell test there and then.

Promise, I am normal.

In the end I went for these mom style jeans, called Tori. They have a classic ripped knee so my mum could tell me how disgusting they were, a light wash to take me into spring and a slightly cropped ankle to show off new shoes that may or may not enter my wardrobe. I LOVE THEM! No smell. Fit well. A little stretchy. Ideal. They retailed for £27.99 which I’d say is a little more than I actually expected but I was happy to pay that. Finally, they’re perfect for my light and neutral outfit!!

Starting with the denim as a base, I wanted to put some cream and camel pieces together to create the simple and casual look I was after. I had a camel jumper from ASOS in my wardrobe which looked cute tucked in, and a Carvela bag which matched. A good start.

When it came to the cream or white pieces I was looking for maybe a creamy silk scarf, or a blazer, but as it’s still only February I opted for my favourite coat of the season from Boohoo. I think forward ahead a month and I’ll switch the coat for an oversized linen blazer and maybe a scarf like this, but for now I liked the layering and it wasn’t half cold after 4pm when I dragged my mum out to get some shots for me!

All that’s left is the shoes, and if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen me debut some gorgeous new snake print heels on my feed a few days ago.

I’m not a high-heel wearer and for work I’m always looking for mid-heels with a comfy sole that don’t rub the sides of my wide feet – these were an amazing find in Dorothy Perkins and I’m so in love with them! To be honest I’d happily have them in black and white too… See below for a close up, but they’re such a comfy pair of shoes and I can’t wait to wear them dressed up or down for all sorts of occasions. They go so well to finish this outfit with the cream in the snakeskin and the wood in the heel, don’t you think?!


Jumper – ASOS

Coat – c/o Boohoo

Jeans – New Look

Bag – c/o Love Shoeaholics

Shoes – Dorothy Perkins

Earrings – c/o Daisy London

What do you think of the outfit I’ve created? Or ‘lighter’ outfits in general? I’d love to hear your thoughts! It’s a scary idea thinking you might be going out without wearing black (something I rarely do!) but actually it made me feel quite good about myself, and my outfit.

R x

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*c/o shows items gifted to me. affiliate links used throughout the post.


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